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itk::simple::Euler2DTransform Class Reference

A rigid 2D transform with rotation in radians around a fixed center with translation. More...

#include <sitkEuler2DTransform.h>

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Public Types

typedef Euler2DTransform Self
typedef Transform Superclass
- Public Types inherited from itk::simple::Transform
typedef Transform Self

Public Member Functions

 Euler2DTransform ()
 Euler2DTransform (const std::vector< double > &fixedCenter, double angle=0.0, const std::vector< double > &translation=std::vector< double >(2, 0.0))
 Euler2DTransform (const Euler2DTransform &)
 Euler2DTransform (const Transform &)
double GetAngle () const
std::vector< double > GetCenter () const
std::vector< double > GetMatrix () const
std::string GetName () const
std::vector< double > GetTranslation () const
Euler2DTransformoperator= (const Euler2DTransform &)
SelfSetAngle (double angle)
SelfSetCenter (const std::vector< double > &params)
SelfSetMatrix (const std::vector< double > &matrix, double tolerance=1e-10)
SelfSetTranslation (const std::vector< double > &translation)
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::Transform
SelfAddTransform (Transform t)
unsigned int GetDimension (void) const
Transform GetInverse () const
 Return a new inverse transform of the same type as this. More...
virtual bool IsLinear () const
void MakeUnique (void)
 Performs actually coping if needed to make object unique. More...
virtual void SetIdentity ()
virtual bool SetInverse ()
 Try to change the current transform to it's inverse. More...
std::string ToString (void) const
 Transform (void)
 By default a 3-d identity transform is constructed. More...
template<unsigned int NDimension>
 Transform (itk::CompositeTransform< double, NDimension > *compositeTransform)
 Construct a SimpleITK Transform from a pointer to an ITK composite transform. More...
 Transform (itk::TransformBase *transform)
 Transform (unsigned int dimensions, TransformEnum type)
 Construct a specific transformation. More...
 Transform (Image &displacement, TransformEnum type=sitkDisplacementField)
 Use an image to construct a transform. More...
std::vector< double > TransformPoint (const std::vector< double > &point) const
void WriteTransform (const std::string &filename) const
virtual ~Transform (void)
Transformoperator= (const Transform &)
 Copy constructor and assignment operator. More...
 Transform (const Transform &)
 Copy constructor and assignment operator. More...
itk::TransformBaseGetITKBase (void)
const itk::TransformBaseGetITKBase (void) const
void SetParameters (const std::vector< double > &parameters)
std::vector< double > GetParameters (void) const
void SetFixedParameters (const std::vector< double > &parameters)
std::vector< double > GetFixedParameters (void) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetPimpleTransform (PimpleTransformBase *pimpleTransform)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::Transform
 Transform (PimpleTransformBase *pimpleTransform)

Private Member Functions

void InternalInitialization (itk::TransformBase *transform)
template<typename TransformType >
void InternalInitialization (TransformType *transform)

Private Attributes

nsstd::function< double()> m_pfGetAngle
nsstd::function< std::vector< double >)> m_pfGetCenter
nsstd::function< std::vector< double >)> m_pfGetMatrix
nsstd::function< std::vector< double >)> m_pfGetTranslation
nsstd::function< void(double)> m_pfSetAngle
nsstd::function< void(const std::vector< double > &)> m_pfSetCenter
nsstd::function< void(const std::vector< double > &, double)> m_pfSetMatrix
nsstd::function< void(const std::vector< double > &)> m_pfSetTranslation

Detailed Description

A rigid 2D transform with rotation in radians around a fixed center with translation.

See also

Definition at line 34 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 38 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

Definition at line 39 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::Euler2DTransform ( )
itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::Euler2DTransform ( const std::vector< double > &  fixedCenter,
double  angle = 0.0,
const std::vector< double > &  translation = std::vector< double >(2, 0.0) 
itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::Euler2DTransform ( const Euler2DTransform )
itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::Euler2DTransform ( const Transform )

Member Function Documentation

double itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::GetAngle ( ) const
std::vector<double> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::GetCenter ( ) const
std::vector<double> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::GetMatrix ( ) const

additional methods

std::string itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::GetName ( ) const

Name of this class

Reimplemented from itk::simple::Transform.

Definition at line 55 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

std::vector<double> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::GetTranslation ( ) const
void itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::InternalInitialization ( itk::TransformBase transform)
template<typename TransformType >
void itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::InternalInitialization ( TransformType *  transform)
Euler2DTransform& itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::operator= ( const Euler2DTransform )
Self& itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::SetAngle ( double  angle)


Self& itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::SetCenter ( const std::vector< double > &  params)

fixed parameter

Self& itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::SetMatrix ( const std::vector< double > &  matrix,
double  tolerance = 1e-10 
virtual void itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::SetPimpleTransform ( PimpleTransformBase *  pimpleTransform)

Reimplemented from itk::simple::Transform.

Self& itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::SetTranslation ( const std::vector< double > &  translation)

Member Data Documentation

nsstd::function<double()> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfGetAngle

Definition at line 88 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

nsstd::function<std::vector<double>)> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfGetCenter

Definition at line 86 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

nsstd::function<std::vector<double>)> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfGetMatrix

Definition at line 91 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

nsstd::function<std::vector<double>)> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfGetTranslation

Definition at line 90 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

nsstd::function<void(double)> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfSetAngle

Definition at line 87 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

nsstd::function<void(const std::vector<double>&)> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfSetCenter

Definition at line 85 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

nsstd::function<void(const std::vector<double>&, double)> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfSetMatrix

Definition at line 92 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

nsstd::function<void(const std::vector<double>&)> itk::simple::Euler2DTransform::m_pfSetTranslation

Definition at line 89 of file sitkEuler2DTransform.h.

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