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itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter Class Reference

Denoise an image using curvature driven flow. More...

#include <sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h>

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Public Types

typedef BasicPixelIDTypeList PixelIDTypeList
typedef CurvatureFlowImageFilter Self
- Public Types inherited from itk::simple::ImageFilter< 1 >
typedef ImageFilter Self
- Public Types inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
typedef ProcessObject Self

Public Member Functions

 CurvatureFlowImageFilter ()
Image Execute (const Image &image1)
Image Execute (const Image &image1, double timeStep, uint32_t numberOfIterations)
std::string GetName () const
uint32_t GetNumberOfIterations () const
double GetTimeStep () const
SelfSetNumberOfIterations (uint32_t NumberOfIterations)
SelfSetTimeStep (double TimeStep)
std::string ToString () const
 ~CurvatureFlowImageFilter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ImageFilter< 1 >
 ImageFilter ()
virtual ~ImageFilter ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
virtual void Abort ()
virtual int AddCommand (itk::simple::EventEnum event, itk::simple::Command &cmd)
 Add a Command Object to observer the event. More...
virtual float GetProgress () const
 An Active Measurement of the progress of execution. More...
virtual bool HasCommand (itk::simple::EventEnum event) const
 Query of this object has any registered commands for event. More...
 ProcessObject ()
virtual void RemoveAllCommands ()
 Remove all registered commands. More...
virtual ~ProcessObject ()
virtual void DebugOn ()
virtual void DebugOff ()
virtual bool GetDebug () const
virtual void SetDebug (bool debugFlag)
virtual void SetNumberOfThreads (unsigned int n)
virtual unsigned int GetNumberOfThreads () const

Private Types

typedef Image(Self::* MemberFunctionType) (const Image &image1)

Private Member Functions

template<class TImageType >
Image ExecuteInternal (const Image &image1)

Private Attributes

nsstd::auto_ptr< detail::MemberFunctionFactory< MemberFunctionType > > m_MemberFactory
uint32_t m_NumberOfIterations
double m_TimeStep


struct detail::MemberFunctionAddressor< MemberFunctionType >

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
static bool GetGlobalDefaultDebug ()
static void GlobalDefaultDebugOff ()
static void GlobalDefaultDebugOn ()
static void SetGlobalDefaultDebug (bool debugFlag)
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOn ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOff ()
static void SetGlobalWarningDisplay (bool flag)
static bool GetGlobalWarningDisplay ()
static void SetGlobalDefaultNumberOfThreads (unsigned int n)
static unsigned int GetGlobalDefaultNumberOfThreads ()
static double GetGlobalDefaultCoordinateTolerance ()
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
static void SetGlobalDefaultCoordinateTolerance (double)
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
static double GetGlobalDefaultDirectionTolerance ()
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
static void SetGlobalDefaultDirectionTolerance (double)
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
virtual unsigned long AddITKObserver (const itk::EventObject &, itk::Command *)
virtual itk::ProcessObjectGetActiveProcess ()
virtual void OnActiveProcessDelete ()
virtual void onCommandDelete (const itk::simple::Command *cmd) throw ()
virtual void PreUpdate (itk::ProcessObject *p)
virtual void RemoveITKObserver (EventCommand &e)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::NonCopyable
 NonCopyable ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ImageFilter< 1 >
static void FixNonZeroIndex (TImageType *img)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
template<class TImageType >
static TImageType::ConstPointer CastImageToITK (const Image &img)
template<class TImageType >
static Image CastITKToImage (TImageType *img)
template<class TPixelType , unsigned int VImageDimension, unsigned int VLength, template< typename, unsigned int > class TVector>
static Image CastITKToImage (itk::Image< TVector< TPixelType, VLength >, VImageDimension > *img)
static const itk::EventObjectGetITKEventObject (EventEnum e)
template<typename T >
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const T &v)
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const char &v)
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const signed char &v)
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const unsigned char &v)

Detailed Description

Denoise an image using curvature driven flow.

CurvatureFlowImageFilter implements a curvature driven image denoising algorithm. Iso-brightness contours in the grayscale input image are viewed as a level set. The level set is then evolved using a curvature-based speed function:

\[ I_t = \kappa |\nabla I| \]

where $ \kappa $ is the curvature.

The advantage of this approach is that sharp boundaries are preserved with smoothing occurring only within a region. However, it should be noted that continuous application of this scheme will result in the eventual removal of all information as each contour shrinks to zero and disappear.

Note that unlike level set segmentation algorithms, the image to be denoised is already the level set and can be set directly as the input using the SetInput() method.

This filter has two parameters: the number of update iterations to be performed and the timestep between each update.

The timestep should be "small enough" to ensure numerical stability. Stability is guarantee when the timestep meets the CFL (Courant-Friedrichs-Levy) condition. Broadly speaking, this condition ensures that each contour does not move more than one grid position at each timestep. In the literature, the timestep is typically user specified and have to manually tuned to the application.

This filter make use of the multi-threaded finite difference solver hierarchy. Updates are computed using a CurvatureFlowFunction object. A zero flux Neumann boundary condition when computing derivatives near the data boundary.

This filter may be streamed. To support streaming this filter produces a padded output which takes into account edge effects. The size of the padding is m_NumberOfIterations on each edge. Users of this filter should only make use of the center valid central region.

This filter assumes that the input and output types have the same dimensions. This filter also requires that the output image pixels are of a floating point type. This filter works for any dimensional images.

Reference: "Level Set Methods and Fast Marching Methods", J.A. Sethian, Cambridge Press, Chapter 16, Second edition, 1999.

See also
itk::simple::CurvatureFlow for the procedural interface
itk::CurvatureFlowImageFilter for the Doxygen on the original ITK class.
Segmentation/ConnectedThresholdImageFilter.cxx, and Segmentation/NeighborhoodConnectedImageFilter.cxx.

Definition at line 68 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Image(Self::* itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::MemberFunctionType) (const Image &image1)

Setup for member function dispatching

Definition at line 120 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

Define the pixels types supported by this filter

Definition at line 80 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

Definition at line 70 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::CurvatureFlowImageFilter ( )

Default Constructor that takes no arguments and initializes default parameters

itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::~CurvatureFlowImageFilter ( )


Member Function Documentation

Image itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::Execute ( const Image image1)
Image itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::Execute ( const Image image1,
double  timeStep,
uint32_t  numberOfIterations 

Execute the filter on the input image with the given parameters

template<class TImageType >
Image itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::ExecuteInternal ( const Image image1)
std::string itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::GetName ( ) const

Name of this class

Implements itk::simple::ProcessObject.

Definition at line 102 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

uint32_t itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::GetNumberOfIterations ( ) const

Definition at line 100 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

double itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::GetTimeStep ( ) const

Get the timestep parameter.

Definition at line 92 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

Self& itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::SetNumberOfIterations ( uint32_t  NumberOfIterations)
Self& itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::SetTimeStep ( double  TimeStep)
std::string itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::ToString ( ) const

Print ourselves out

Reimplemented from itk::simple::ProcessObject.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Definition at line 125 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

Member Data Documentation

nsstd::auto_ptr<detail::MemberFunctionFactory<MemberFunctionType> > itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::m_MemberFactory

Definition at line 127 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

uint32_t itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::m_NumberOfIterations

Definition at line 133 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

double itk::simple::CurvatureFlowImageFilter::m_TimeStep

Definition at line 131 of file sitkCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h.

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