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sitkTemplateFunctions.h File Reference
#include "sitkMacro.h"
#include "sitkCommon.h"
#include "sitkExceptionObject.h"
#include <vector>
#include <ostream>
#include <iterator>
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class  itk::ImageRegion< VImageDimension >
struct  itk::simple::scope_exit< F >
class  itk::Versor< T >




template<typename F >
scope_exit< F > itk::simple::make_scope_exit (F &&f) noexcept
template<typename T >
SITKCommon_HIDDEN std::ostream & itk::simple::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const std::vector< T > &v)
 Output the element of an std::vector to the output stream. More...
template<typename TDirectionType >
std::vector< double > SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkITKDirectionToSTL (const TDirectionType &d)
template<unsigned int VImageDimension>
std::vector< unsigned int > SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkITKImageRegionToSTL (const ImageRegion< VImageDimension > &in)
 Convert an ITK ImageRegion to and std::vector with the first part being the start index followed by the size. More...
template<typename TType , typename TITKVector >
std::vector< TType > SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkITKVectorToSTL (const std::vector< TITKVector > &in)
template<typename TType , typename TITKVector >
std::vector< TType > SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkITKVectorToSTL (const TITKVector &in)
 Convert an ITK fixed width vector to a std::vector. More...
template<typename TType , typename T >
std::vector< TType > SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkITKVersorToSTL (const itk::Versor< T > &in)
template<typename TDirectionType >
TDirectionType SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkSTLToITKDirection (const std::vector< double > &direction)
template<typename TITKVector , typename TType >
TITKVector SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkSTLVectorToITK (const std::vector< TType > &in)
 Copy the elements of an std::vector into an ITK fixed width vector. More...
template<typename TITKPointVector , typename TType >
TITKPointVector SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkSTLVectorToITKPointVector (const std::vector< TType > &in)
template<typename T , typename TType >
itk::Versor< T > SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkSTLVectorToITKVersor (const std::vector< TType > &in)
template<typename TType , typename TVectorOfITKVector >
std::vector< TType > SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::sitkVectorOfITKVectorToSTL (const TVectorOfITKVector &in)
 Convert an ITK style array of ITK fixed width vector to std::vector. More...
template<typename T >
void SITKCommon_HIDDEN itk::simple::Unused (const T &)
 A function which does nothing. More...