SimpleITK  2.0.0


SimpleITK is a simplified programming interface to the algorithms and data structures of the Insight Toolkit (ITK) for image analysis. It supports interfaces for multiple programming languages including C++, Python, R, Java, C#, Lua, Ruby and TCL. These language bindings facilitate research, rapid software prototyping and education.

The main characteristics of SimpleITK include:

  • C++ library
  • Object-oriented
  • Provides a simplified, easy-to-use, procedural interface
  • Is distributed under an open source Apache 2.0 License
  • Binary distributions for Python, C# and Java

Toolkit development is overseen by the Insight Software Consortium, a non-profit, educational consortium dedicated to promoting and maintaining open-source, freely available software for medical image analysis.

Home Page

The toolkit's home page can be found at :

The home page for the Insight toolkit can be found at :

How to use this documentation

This documentation describes the SimpleITK C++ API. The wrapped languages have a very similar interface, that should only be trivially different.