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itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter Class Reference

Segments structures in images based on a user supplied edge potential map. More...

#include <sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h>

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Public Types

typedef RealPixelIDTypeList PixelIDTypeList
typedef GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter Self
- Public Types inherited from itk::simple::ImageFilter< 2 >
typedef ImageFilter Self
- Public Types inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
typedef ProcessObject Self

Public Member Functions

Image Execute (const Image &image1, const Image &image2)
Image Execute (const Image &image1, const Image &image2, double maximumRMSError, double propagationScaling, double curvatureScaling, double advectionScaling, uint32_t numberOfIterations, bool reverseExpansionDirection)
 GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter ()
double GetAdvectionScaling () const
double GetCurvatureScaling () const
uint32_t GetElapsedIterations () const
 Number of iterations run. More...
double GetMaximumRMSError () const
std::string GetName () const
uint32_t GetNumberOfIterations () const
double GetPropagationScaling () const
bool GetReverseExpansionDirection () const
double GetRMSChange () const
 The Root Mean Square of the levelset upon termination. More...
SelfReverseExpansionDirectionOff ()
SelfReverseExpansionDirectionOn ()
SelfSetAdvectionScaling (double AdvectionScaling)
SelfSetCurvatureScaling (double CurvatureScaling)
SelfSetMaximumRMSError (double MaximumRMSError)
SelfSetNumberOfIterations (uint32_t NumberOfIterations)
SelfSetPropagationScaling (double PropagationScaling)
SelfSetReverseExpansionDirection (bool ReverseExpansionDirection)
std::string ToString () const
 ~GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ImageFilter< 2 >
 ImageFilter ()
virtual ~ImageFilter ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
virtual void Abort ()
virtual int AddCommand (itk::simple::EventEnum event, itk::simple::Command &cmd)
 Add a Command Object to observer the event. More...
virtual float GetProgress () const
 An Active Measurement of the progress of execution. More...
virtual bool HasCommand (itk::simple::EventEnum event) const
 Query of this object has any registered commands for event. More...
 ProcessObject ()
virtual void RemoveAllCommands ()
 Remove all registered commands. More...
virtual ~ProcessObject ()
virtual void DebugOn ()
virtual void DebugOff ()
virtual bool GetDebug () const
virtual void SetDebug (bool debugFlag)
virtual void SetNumberOfThreads (unsigned int n)
virtual unsigned int GetNumberOfThreads () const

Private Types

typedef Image(Self::* MemberFunctionType) (const Image &image1, const Image &image2)

Private Member Functions

template<class TImageType >
Image ExecuteInternal (const Image &image1, const Image &image2)

Private Attributes

double m_AdvectionScaling
double m_CurvatureScaling
uint32_t m_ElapsedIterations
double m_MaximumRMSError
nsstd::auto_ptr< detail::MemberFunctionFactory< MemberFunctionType > > m_MemberFactory
uint32_t m_NumberOfIterations
double m_PropagationScaling
bool m_ReverseExpansionDirection
double m_RMSChange


struct detail::MemberFunctionAddressor< MemberFunctionType >

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
static bool GetGlobalDefaultDebug ()
static void GlobalDefaultDebugOff ()
static void GlobalDefaultDebugOn ()
static void SetGlobalDefaultDebug (bool debugFlag)
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOn ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOff ()
static void SetGlobalWarningDisplay (bool flag)
static bool GetGlobalWarningDisplay ()
static void SetGlobalDefaultNumberOfThreads (unsigned int n)
static unsigned int GetGlobalDefaultNumberOfThreads ()
static double GetGlobalDefaultCoordinateTolerance ()
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
static void SetGlobalDefaultCoordinateTolerance (double)
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
static double GetGlobalDefaultDirectionTolerance ()
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
static void SetGlobalDefaultDirectionTolerance (double)
 Access the global tolerance to determine congruent spaces. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
virtual unsigned long AddITKObserver (const itk::EventObject &, itk::Command *)
virtual itk::ProcessObjectGetActiveProcess ()
virtual void OnActiveProcessDelete ()
virtual void onCommandDelete (const itk::simple::Command *cmd) throw ()
virtual void PreUpdate (itk::ProcessObject *p)
virtual void RemoveITKObserver (EventCommand &e)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::NonCopyable
 NonCopyable ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ImageFilter< 2 >
static void FixNonZeroIndex (TImageType *img)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::simple::ProcessObject
template<class TImageType >
static TImageType::ConstPointer CastImageToITK (const Image &img)
template<class TImageType >
static Image CastITKToImage (TImageType *img)
template<class TPixelType , unsigned int VImageDimension, unsigned int VLength, template< typename, unsigned int > class TVector>
static Image CastITKToImage (itk::Image< TVector< TPixelType, VLength >, VImageDimension > *img)
static const itk::EventObjectGetITKEventObject (EventEnum e)
template<typename T >
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const T &v)
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const char &v)
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const signed char &v)
static std::ostream & ToStringHelper (std::ostream &os, const unsigned char &v)

Detailed Description

Segments structures in images based on a user supplied edge potential map.

The SegmentationLevelSetImageFilter class and the GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetFunction class contain additional information necessary to gain full understanding of how to use this filter.
This class is a level set method segmentation filter. An initial contour is propagated outwards (or inwards) until it ''sticks'' to the shape boundaries. This is done by using a level set speed function based on a user supplied edge potential map.
This filter requires two inputs. The first input is a initial level set. The initial level set is a real image which contains the initial contour/surface as the zero level set. For example, a signed distance function from the initial contour/surface is typically used. Unlike the simpler ShapeDetectionLevelSetImageFilter the initial contour does not have to lie wholly within the shape to be segmented. The initial contour is allow to overlap the shape boundary. The extra advection term in the update equation behaves like a doublet and attracts the contour to the boundary. This approach for segmentation follows that of Caselles et al (1997).
The second input is the feature image. For this filter, this is the edge potential map. General characteristics of an edge potential map is that it has values close to zero in regions near the edges and values close to one inside the shape itself. Typically, the edge potential map is compute from the image gradient, for example:

\[ g(I) = 1 / ( 1 + | (\nabla * G)(I)| ) \]

\[ g(I) = \exp^{-|(\nabla * G)(I)|} \]

where $ I $ is image intensity and $ (\nabla * G) $ is the derivative of Gaussian operator.

See SegmentationLevelSetImageFilter and SparseFieldLevelSetImageFilter for more information on Inputs.
The PropagationScaling parameter can be used to switch from propagation outwards (POSITIVE scaling parameter) versus propagating inwards (NEGATIVE scaling parameter).

This implementation allows the user to set the weights between the propagation, advection and curvature term using methods SetPropagationScaling() , SetAdvectionScaling() , SetCurvatureScaling() . In general, the larger the CurvatureScaling, the smoother the resulting contour. To follow the implementation in Caselles et al paper, set the PropagationScaling to $ c $ (the inflation or ballon force) and AdvectionScaling and CurvatureScaling both to 1.0.

The filter outputs a single, scalar, real-valued image. Negative values in the output image represent the inside of the segmented region and positive values in the image represent the outside of the segmented region. The zero crossings of the image correspond to the position of the propagating front.
See SparseFieldLevelSetImageFilter and SegmentationLevelSetImageFilter for more information.
"Geodesic Active Contours", V. Caselles, R. Kimmel and G. Sapiro. International Journal on Computer Vision, Vol 22, No. 1, pp 61-97, 1997
See also
itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSet for the procedural interface
itk::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter for the Doxygen on the original ITK class.

Definition at line 82 of file sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Image(Self::* itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::MemberFunctionType) (const Image &image1, const Image &image2)

Setup for member function dispatching

Definition at line 184 of file sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h.

Define the pixels types supported by this filter

Definition at line 94 of file sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter ( )

Default Constructor that takes no arguments and initializes default parameters

itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::~GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter ( )


Member Function Documentation

Image itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::Execute ( const Image image1,
const Image image2 

Execute the filter on the input images

Image itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::Execute ( const Image image1,
const Image image2,
double  maximumRMSError,
double  propagationScaling,
double  curvatureScaling,
double  advectionScaling,
uint32_t  numberOfIterations,
bool  reverseExpansionDirection 

Execute the filter on the input images with the given parameters

template<class TImageType >
Image itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::ExecuteInternal ( const Image image1,
const Image image2 
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetAdvectionScaling ( ) const
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetCurvatureScaling ( ) const
uint32_t itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetElapsedIterations ( ) const

Number of iterations run.

This is a measurement. Its value is updated in the Execute methods, so the value will only be valid after an execution.

Definition at line 155 of file sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h.

double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetMaximumRMSError ( ) const
std::string itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetName ( ) const

Name of this class

Implements itk::simple::ProcessObject.

Definition at line 166 of file sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h.

uint32_t itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetNumberOfIterations ( ) const
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetPropagationScaling ( ) const
bool itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetReverseExpansionDirection ( ) const
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::GetRMSChange ( ) const

The Root Mean Square of the levelset upon termination.

This is a measurement. Its value is updated in the Execute methods, so the value will only be valid after an execution.

Definition at line 163 of file sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h.

Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::ReverseExpansionDirectionOff ( )
Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::ReverseExpansionDirectionOn ( )

Set the value of ReverseExpansionDirection to true or false respectfully.

Definition at line 143 of file sitkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter.h.

Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::SetAdvectionScaling ( double  AdvectionScaling)
Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::SetCurvatureScaling ( double  CurvatureScaling)
Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::SetMaximumRMSError ( double  MaximumRMSError)
Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::SetNumberOfIterations ( uint32_t  NumberOfIterations)
Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::SetPropagationScaling ( double  PropagationScaling)
Self& itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::SetReverseExpansionDirection ( bool  ReverseExpansionDirection)
std::string itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::ToString ( ) const

Print ourselves out

Reimplemented from itk::simple::ProcessObject.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Member Data Documentation

double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_AdvectionScaling
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_CurvatureScaling
uint32_t itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_ElapsedIterations
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_MaximumRMSError
nsstd::auto_ptr<detail::MemberFunctionFactory<MemberFunctionType> > itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_MemberFactory
uint32_t itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_NumberOfIterations
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_PropagationScaling
bool itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_ReverseExpansionDirection
double itk::simple::GeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter::m_RMSChange

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